Why Hire A Virtual Assistant? Why Contract Services? What Are The Rates?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with a VA?
Having it all does not mean doing it all yourself. Eventually, you will discover you cannot do it all and have a healthy life. When you partner with a Virtual Assistant and allow them to proactively support you in reaching your goals, you free up time and energy for growing your business, spending quality time with your family and friends, enter other opportunities, balance home and work with the time to take a much-needed vacation. Contract Services is dedicated, driven and masterfully skilled to powerfully impact the success of your business.

Is working with a VA cost-effective?
Absolutely! You will not incur those pesky cost of a traditional office employee.

  • No Payroll Taxes

  • No Employee Insurance

  • No Employee Benefit Package

  • No Workers' Compensation

  • No Vacation Pay

  • No Sick Leave

  • No Employee Training

  • No OSHA Requirements

  • No Office Space

  • No Office Equipment

  • No Furniture

  • No Legal Fees

  • No Overhead Expenses

  • You Pay for 100% Productivity Time Only

Who works with a VA?
Virtual Assistants work with business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, sales representatives, authors, coaches or busy individuals looking to be professionally and personally successful while maintaining a balanced life.

What type of work is expected from a virtual assistant?
Virtual Assistant Services are limitless, bound only by your imagination, ability to delegate and desire. The only exception are those task which require physical contact in your office such as filling paper.

How much does it cost?
Less than the Industry Standards of 2 to 2-½ times the salary of a traditional, on-site employee. Outsourcing administrative work to Contract Services means you only pay for the services you require and nothing more. Our rates are very competitive and we offer a better value over the cost of a traditional employee. We are independent contractors and therefore, you are not required to pay employer taxes or benefits.

Enjoy the luxury without the headaches and cost of a conventional assistant!

Why Contract Services?
Contract Services provides more than administrative services; we have the proficiency, skill and expertise to quickly identify the best way to serve you and offer the most effective solutions to add value to your bottom line.

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