Contract Services

Virtual Assistant Services Save TIME and MONEY! Enjoy luxury without the headaches!

Attention Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives!

Are you overwhelmed with maintaining your business?

Inundated with unanswered emails or customer inquiries?

Unable to meet vendor and customer deadlines?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, it's time to hire a VA.


Virtual Assistants are changing the way the World Works.

An assistant is traditionally a hired employee, with office space, equipment and furniture within a company office suite with an hourly wage or salary and employee benefits.

Virtual Assistants do not work inside the company office suite or need the company to supply office equipment, furniture or space. We work from our own office or home with our equipment and furniture. We are independent contractors, there are no employee benefit packages, vacation pay, or employee tax obligations required on the part of a company contracting our services.

Many offices have and use the equipment necessary to communicate effectively with and utilize our services via telephone, fax machine, e-mail, on-line messaging, and courier services, therefore, no special training is required by existing office staff to contact and contract with us.

The success of any business depends on the ability to increase sales and maintain customer service. It's Virtually impossible to accomplish everything required without outside resources, that's where we come in. Contract Services will eliminate tedious and time-consuming administrative task without the cost and hassle of on-site employees. We guarantee high quality, timely and confidential business support at reasonable rates with customer service and satisfaction in the forefront. Your company employs only qualified people for your business; the same concept should apply to your outsourced services.

Contract Services is hallmark in providing professional services and impressive work ethics, both essential to a successful outcome and your satisfaction.

Stop paying employee taxes, insurance and benefits. Enjoy luxury without the headaches of a conventional assistant.

Simplify your life and eliminate your stress with Contract Services, the worry-free Virtual Assistant!

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