Industry standards indicate the actual cost of hiring a full-time assistant to work in an office is 2 to 2-½ times the salary!


Industry standards indicate the actual cost of hiring and maintaining a full-time assistant at an on-site office is 2 to 2-½ times the cost of his or her salary. Independent contractors do not require an employer to pay taxes, insurance or any fringe benefits. No need for extra office space, equipment or the utilities associated with running an office on a daily basis, and last but not least, an employer only pays for the time spent on the project.

Virtual Assistants generally charge by the hour with rates ranging from $25-50, depending upon the required expertise. Of course, more specialized services such as Web site design will be higher.

Certainly, at first glance this may appear to be a high rate, but look at the "real cost" of employees,
the 2 to 2-½ times the cost of their salary with the below  factors included:

  • Recruitment

  • Base Salary

  • Employment Taxes

  • Mandatory Insurance Benefits

  • Vacation and Sick Time Benefits

  • Office Space and Utilities

  • Equipment

  • Variables more difficult to price; lost time on socializing, risk of lawsuits, etc.

Additional cost include advertising, screening resumes, interviewing and the cost of two people for the training period. In the event you are faced with the unpleasant experience of firing an employee, you go through the process and expense all over again. A virtual assistant is considerably less and can be hired for as little as one hour a week, it's a cost effective and efficient way to handle your administrative task.

Contract Services works on a retainer basis which helps us schedule sufficient time for each client and still have time for unexpected task and great for clients willing to consistently partner with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

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