Why Hire a VA?

Save TIME and MONEY! No Employee Taxes! No Employee Insurance! No Employee Benefit Package!

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Excellent questions with a straight-forward answer; to save TIME and MONEY.

If you are experiencing any of the below issues it's time to hire a Virtual Assistant:

  • Struggling to meet deadlines.
  • Missed appointments due to time constraints.
  • Unable to invoice your customers for payment and/or send reminder notices for overdue payments.
  • Your inbox is inundated with unanswered emails.
  • Customer inquiries are overwhelming.
  • Not enough hours in the day to complete projects.
  • Producing professional, superior quality documents too burdensome.
  • Business demand is growing, but you have no support system.
  • You want to live to work not work to live.


Benefits of a Virtual Assistant:

  • No Employee Taxes.
  • No Employee Insurance. 
  • No Employee Benefit Package.
  • No OSHA Requirements.
  • No Overhead Expenses.
  • No Office Space or Equipment Required.
  • No Legal Hassles; unsatisfied with the work, simply do not renew your contract.
  • No downtime, you pay for only time spent on your projects.
  • Minimal or no training required.
  • Your Virtual Assistant is your partner, helping your business succeed.
  • Freedom to concentrate on building your business with your office support in capable hands. 
  • Relocation of your company will not impact our services to you. No need to hire, train and develop new relationships.


Change the quality of your life and get back to enjoying the timeless treasures afforded you; the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends without the worry of completing your next project.

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